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EspriGas is an industry leader in customer satisfaction scores. Their automated deliveries ensure consistent gas supply. With 25+ Years of experience and 4,000+ trusted gas supply partners across the nation, EspriGas has your satisfaction in mind with a 98% customer retention rate. EspriGas identifies surplus spending for our customers, and right-sizes each location with adequate inventory.

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Negotiated Pricing and Terms: 

All Cooperative Members receive a Pre-Set Cylinder Pricing based on gas type and cylinder size. Rent is per cylinder/per month. Purchase equipment does NOT include shipping. Current discount is at Tier 1 collective volume.

Getting Started: 

1.  Submit a Purchasing Agreement by clicking on the link below. 

2.  Within the Purchase Agreement, make sure you click on the registration link directly with EspriGas.  This link was created specifically for Co-Op members to expedite the sign up process. 

How to Purchase:  

Each office needs are specific and further inquiries may be needed before moving forward. EspriGas works with a network of over 500 providers and are always updating, therefore we are not able to provide gas company listing. Please call Customer Service and/or Heather Good, your Account Manager. Their contact information is listed below, if you are ready to start, to qualify for discount, all orders must be placed directly through EspriGas. Once your Purchasing Agreement has been processed, you will receive an automated link for EspriGas. Click on their link in the email to place your order. Your Dental Cooperative Area Director can assist you with questions you may have to get started.

Contact Info:

EspriGas Customer Service 800.720.1563 /
Co-Op Account Manager: Heather Good 979.204.7437 /

Terms and Conditions:
To qualify for the Dental Cooperative negotiated volume discount pricing with our vendor partner participants must meet the following criteria:

·Participants must be a current member of the Dental Cooperative in good standing.
·All associated items subject to discount must be purchased through the identified sales channels as specific above.
·Discount pricing structure begins only after agreement has been received and processed by the Dental Cooperative and vendor partner.
·Upon termination from the Dental Cooperative, Member will no longer have access to discount pricing defined in the terms.
Additional program details and terms are available on Member Services.

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