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Winner of over 25 industry awards, Ormco has nearly 60 years of distinguished history providing the orthodontic profession with a breadth of high quality, innovative products and solutions backed by attentive customer service and educational support.  

The Dental Cooperative is very please to be partnered with Ormco.  Co-Op members now have access to aggressive pricing discounts on a variety of orthodontic products that including Damon brackets and the new cutting edge technology in clear liners offered with their Spark line.  

Partnership Pricing Program - Discounts and Terms: 
Current 2020 Discount at Tier 1

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

 $0-750K*    $750K - $1.5M*    $1.5M*+  
Damon Q2 Snap/Link    53% 55% 60%
Damon Clear 55% 58% 63%
30% 38% 38%
Twins 70-80% 83% 91%
Symetri Clear 60% 66% 72%
Bands 70% 75% 80%
Buccal Tubes 60% 66% 73%
Instruments 20%  30%  40% 
All other Supplies
55%  60%  65% 

AOA Labs has agreed to extend a 10% discount for every $100K increase in volume after 2020.

*Volume represents total Cooperative collective volume of previous calendar year, not individual practice volume.

Getting Started: Cooperative members wishing to participate in the negotiated pricing with Ormco must submit a Purchasing Agreement by clicking on the link below.  Once this process is completed, you will be identified in the Ormco database as a Dental Cooperative member.

How to Purchase:  To qualify for discount, all orders must be placed directly through Ormco.  Contact information for your Ormco rep will be emailed to you once your Purchasing Agreement has been processed.  Your Dental Cooperative Area Director has this information as well.

Offers and Information:

Terms and Conditions:

To qualify for the Dental Cooperative negotiated volume discount pricing with our vendor partner,participants must meet the following criteria:

·Participants must be a current member of the Dental Cooperative in good standing.
·All associated items subject to discount must be purchased through the identified sales channels as specific above.
·Discount pricing structure begins only after agreement has been received and processed by the Dental Cooperative and vendor partner.
·Upon termination from the Dental Cooperative, Member will no longer have access to discount pricing defined in the terms.
·Additional program details and terms are available on Member Services.

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