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Meet Solutionreach: Your Newest Team Member

Technology that Simplifies Patent Communication 

Delegate time-consuming busywork to Solutionreach so you can focus on everything else it takes to a run a successful dental practice.  Solutionreach handles patient recall, reminders, scheduling, intake, and more, which helps you improve patient relationships.  That also means more time to focus on providing an outstanding experience for your patients.  

Solutionreach’s award-winning platform helps you fast-track patient relationships through:

  • Two-way texting (with HIPAA consent tool)
  • Appointment reminders
  • Recall reminders
  • Text to Pay
  • Educational newsletters
  • Targeted group messaging
  • Patient follow up surveys
Dental Cooperative Member Pricing:

8% off of current list price - $329/month (SR Platform)  
Co-Op Member Price: $302/month

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