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Michael Silva

Michael Silva

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 801-456-0443

Mr. Silva was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Western Dental Services,Inc. (“Western Dental”), the largest dental practice management group in the U.S.,from 1994 to 1996. At the time Mr. Silva was hired by Western Dental as interim CEO (through an agreement with the California Department of Health Services and the company), the company was under sanction by the State of California for severe practice quality violations and improper billing procedures. During his tenure,Mr. Silva rebuilt the company’s management team and imposed practice quality and financial controls.

Prior to working for Western Dental, Mr. Silva led a group of strategic consultants to the Board of Directors of TriValley Growers, the largest food cooperative in the U.S. Over a seven-year period, Mr. Silva restructured the company, including the replacement of the existing CEO and management team with a new president and management structure.

Mr. Silva's prior health care experience includes leading the 1986 acquisition of Americare, the predecessor of Foundation Health Systems, and the replacement of the existing management team with a new executive structure. Foundation is now one of the top HMOs in the country.

Similar to Foundation, Mr. Silva participated as a member of a buying group in the acquisition of SmileCare, a Knox Keene DMSO in California. He currently serves as consultant to SmileCare and holds options on 7% of the outstanding stock.

Marlon R. Berrett

Marlon R. Berrett

President, Dental Cooperative

Phone: 801-456-0445 Cell: 801-699-0765

Mr. Berrett is the founding and managing partner of the Executive Alliance Group,a western states regional management consulting firm. Previously, he was with Ernst& Young from 1970 to 1991, where he opened Arthur Young & Co’s Salt Lake City office in 1976 and founded and served as the managing partner of the firm's consulting practice in the Intermountain West. His consulting practice has specialized in the health care field. He is recognized throughout the western U.S. for his leadership in directing sensitive management and systems evaluations of private and public organizations, including extensive evaluations of the Utah and Arizona state Medicaid systems and operations. He has conducted numerous feasibility, cost, system, and marketing studies for health care clients, including IHC and FHP, throughout the western states. His engagements have also included those related to the acquisition and consolidation of physician groups.

Mr. Berrett was also a partner in Advanced Care Data L.C., a health care information technologies development company, where he served as director on a project to develop a distributed practice office and claims processing system for the largest consolidated dental practice in the U.S. He has also served as an advisory development officer for start-up software development companies.

Mr. Berrett served as a management and systems consultant on the project to develop a new strategic plan and company restructuring for TriValley Growers, the largest fruit and vegetable agricultural cooperative in the U.S.

He has served on the Advisory Board to the Schools of Accountancy at both Brigham Young University and Utah State University and has authored numerous reports and articles and is co-author of "The Fourth Dimension,"a book on work concepts in the "new economy," published by Wiley & Sons Publishers,New York.

Andrew Eberhardt

Andrew Eberhardt

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 801-456-0444 Option 1,1

In 1999 Mr. Eberhardt was hired by the Dental Cooperative as Vice President. His responsibilities and duties have largely included managing membership growth and development. He has been key in negotiating and managing purchasing contracts and agreements for Cooperative members.  Historically, these companies include Henry Schein, Procter and Gamble, Komet, Ultradent, Dentsply, Dental Health Products, Inc. and Keystone Implants.  He also leads the negotiation efforts with third party dental insurance partners in obtaining enhanced fee schedules for Co-Op members.

In 2003, Andrew was assigned to develop and directa Co-Op sponsored dental insurance plan to compete with existing plans in the Utah market. Over the next three years “DentistDirect Dental Plans” grew a panel of over 500 dentists and provided dental insurance coverage to thousands of patients throughout the State.  Through that experience birthed a new concept and opportunity for the Co-Op to create a powerful and unique alternative to traditional dental insurance, the Dental Benefit Program.Mr. Eberhardt worked closely with his colleagues and Co-Op dentists to develop the DBP which now has close to 25,000 individual participants and over 500 sponsoring groups spanning across four different states.

In the spring of 2012, Andrew was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and directs all operational aspects of the Dental Cooperative.

Jared Hansen

Jared Hansen

Vice President - Business Development

Phone: 801-449-0668

Jared has a real passion for dentistry and the significance that independent dentists play within the industry. Prior to coming to the Dental Cooperative, Jared was a market analyst for Henry Schein Inc. and was based in Schein’s technology division at Dentrix. After leaving Schein, Jared worked independently as a business development consultant for dental specialists. From his experience, Jared has gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry at large as well as the individual issues confronting practicing dentists.

For eight years, Jared also worked with Utah Give Kids a Smile, a charity whose mission is to provide free dental care to Utah’s neediest children. He was elected Executive Director and organized a state board and implemented a turnkey model which was successfully replicated across the state. Under Jared’s leadership, Utah Give Kids a Smile was highlighted by the ADA as a model charitable organization.

Since 2011, Jared has been with the Dental Cooperative and has helped grow membership and expand programs throughout the organization. Jared received an MBA from the University of Utah in 2014.  In February of 2017 Jared was promoted to Vice President - Business Development.  Jared's primary role is to expand the Dental Cooperative into new markets as well as develop marketing platforms and initiatives that are key to the company's growth.

Jared Hansen

Brandon Berrett

Dental Benefit Program Director

Phone: 801-930-0510

Brandon joined the Dental Cooperative in a full time basis on January 2016. This came after 22 years of sales and operations experience in the resort, hotel and tourism marketing industries in Las Vegas and Northern Utah. He holds a degree in Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and is excited to bring his knowledge of the “guest experience“ in the hospitality industry to the patient and employer group experience within the Co-Op’s Dental Benefit Program. He believes that the Dental Benefit Program can excel where traditional dental insurance falls short. This includes driving patient flow, customizing group and individual touch points, highlighting access and educating what the value of the Dental Benefit Program means to the employer’s or patient’s bottom-line.

Brandon remembers learning about the creation of the Co-Op in 1998 and has been intrigued by its’ growth each year. Taking on the role as the Dental Benefit Program Director will add to the Co-Op’s mission of empowering and preserving independent dentistry.

Mr. Berrett maintains relationships with many associations and similar groups from his years in the convention and meetings industry and hopes to introduce the Dental Benefit Program to all. He lives in Layton, Utah with his wife, Stephanie and three children. His passions include Japanese food, basketball, golf and snow skiing with his oldest two children, Ava and Audrey.

Teresa Jardine

Teresa Jardine

Area Director (Idaho)

Phone: 208-960-0133

Teresa has spent nearly 30 years in the administrative field, the last ten being solely dedicated to the dental industry. Having worked in dental and orthodontic offices for many years, it was an easy transition for her to move into the consulting field and be able to help other dentists make the most of their practice by increasing production & collections, and maximizing the abilities of both front and back office staff. She loves working in the dental field and understands what it takes to maintain a successful dental practice. She is also aware that there are many pitfalls in dealing with those in the dental industry at times, and her expertise and experience in these areas are a valuable asset to the dentists she works with.

After seeing firsthand the number of practices struggling to make ends meet in this troubled economy, Teresa set about finding a solution to the problems many dentists were facing. It was that search that lead her to the Dental Cooperative and ultimately to become the Area Director for Idaho. Her strong dedication to this cause has helped her bring the benefits of the Dental Cooperative to many dentists throughout the State. She is also busy trying to educate the business world on the advantages of using the Dental Benefit Program for their employees. Her goals are to ultimately give every business throughout the State the opportunity to participate in the Dental Benefit Program, and to bring the independent dentists together in an effort to preserve and protect independent dentistry throughout Idaho.

Ray Landy's

Ray Landry

Area Director (Northern Utah)

Phone: 801-893-1564

Before coming to Dental Cooperative, Ray started his own rep agency where he grew sales to nearly $1 million. By developing strong relationships with Nicholas and Company, Sysco and U.S. Foods, he expanded distribution to four states in the Mountain West all within the first two years of business.

His sales philosophy is simple: Create strong partnerships instead of selling. Each side profits when they lean on each other for success. Through this simple strategy, Ray has developed strong relationships, friendships and partnerships that have maximized the customers' profits. By educating small business owners on the importance of management, employee motivation, as well as buying at the right price and at the right time with proper terms, he's developed trust and loyalty among his clients.

Ray has a degree in Computer Science at CCSN in Las Vegas. He began his programming career developing and writing code for purchasing and project management software in the construction industry. However, soon a desire to work face to face with people overcame the desire to write code, and Ray began the career path representing manufactures by managing the southern Nevada office for Renco Sales.

In the Fall of 2013, Ray learned of Dental Cooperative and the important work it was doing supporting privately owned dentists, and was excited at the opportunity to achieve his goal of entering the dental industry.

Mark Damron

Mark Damron

Area Director - (Central Utah)

Phone: 801-410-0877

With over 20 years in the retail consumer electronic industry learning to interact with customers on a ground level, Mark was involved in all aspects in building and growing successful retail companies. He found his passion concentrating on outside B2B sales and practicing integrity based selling model, which he believes in today. His businesses received “Mobile Electronics Retailer of the Year Award” 8 times. When the big box retailers started entering the market, Mark enjoyed being known as the “little guy” with excellent service. Soon after, he was introduced to the dental market by his own personal dentist and became involved in a dental marketing. He quickly had “dental” is his blood and enjoyed helping dental practices grow through the implementation of comprehensive marketing plans.

As Vice President of Sales, Mark was a strategic team member leading his company to a joint venture with the American Dental Association. He was able to travel the country and speak to large and small dental groups about marketing dental practices. During this time, Mark maintained critical relationships with many practice management consultants across the country and other dental organizations providing solutions for the independent dentists. Recently he was involved with opening the dental market for a local compounding pharmacy. Mark’s passion for the dental industry will continue with the Dental Cooperative and his goal is to become a “trusted adviser” in the dental community through his reputation from setting standards in service, quality of product, consistency and availability.

Leo Agustin

Area Director (Nevada and Southern Utah)

Phone: 702-626-0646

A 14-year veteran of the Las Vegas market, Leo Agustin has successfully grown market share in the B2B and B2C arena through effective territory management.

In 2003, Leo began his career in Las Vegas in the jewelry industry. He delivered on business expansions for the organization through due diligence, resource efficiencies, being a strong brand ambassador, and effective implementation in strategic initiatives. He was able to implement a new business model that resulted in a 300% increase in sales. Leo then developed franchise models across the valley and identified as top buyer at JCK.

At Regus, he was tasked to increase occupancy level and profitability as GM and interim for two other centers for some time. He was recognized for top sales in the Western Hemisphere where occupancy levels reached 100%. In this role, Leo built a strong network with commercial brokers and real estate professionals across his region.

At Philippine National Bank, Leo successfully turned around the declining remittance volume through unique marketing strategies and efficient channel management. He had oversight on the P&L delivering monthly volume of $2M. His effective approach earned him the success in grabbing market share from a highly competitive industry within Las Vegas.

Mr. Agustin has proven his ability time and time again in quick turnaround situations by understanding market needs and re-engineering programs to deliver on those needs. These skill sets and other attributes will serve him well as an Area Director. The Co-Op’s valued members will benefit greatly from Leo’s drive to deliver value and develop meaningful relationships.

Leo graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at Angeles University Foundation in the Philippines. He is a father to a 7-year-old boy and a loving husband to his college sweetheart Teresa. When not working, they are busy going on road trips exploring new destinations.

Rio Padilla

Area Director - (New Mexico and El Paso)

Phone: 575-224-6722

Rio brings over 17 years of experience in sales & marketing to the Dental Cooperative. A native New Mexican, Rio grew up in Santa Fe working in restaurants and making jewelry with his dad. Since earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico, he has developed his expertise in the areas of account management, B2B sales, and new business development. 

While working for Hyatt Hotels, Rio received the Award of Excellence by successfully completing a one year training program and becoming a Sales Manager for local meetings and special events. Over the years Rio has represented a variety of family owned companies including Whole Foods, Energizer, Shamrock Foods, and Larson-Juhl. Each of these organizations is a leader in their respective industries, and Rio has a proven history of success with quickly learning new products and processes to provide his customers with outstanding value and service. 

Rio has spent most of his professional career serving smaller independent businesses and helping them stay competitive in today’s corporate climate. He is a firm believer in supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and he does this by providing his customers with solutions that will help them protect and grow their business. Rio has lived in Albuquerque for over 20 years and is very proud to represent the Dental Cooperative in New Mexico and El Paso.

When he isn’t busy helping others, Rio enjoys being at home and spending time with his two amazing daughters. He also enjoys gardening, hiking, running, hot yoga, and snowboarding. Rio is an excellent cook and is more than happy to share his favorite recipes with you!

Tim Brown

Timothy Brown

Area Director (Central Pennsylvania)

Phone: 484-367-5955

Over the last two decades, Tim has been a leader in Central Pennsylvania working with local businesses to develop processes and tools for success in their sales departments and to grow partnerships. With almost 20 years of diverse sales and marketing experience in industries including automotive, wireless, education, security ID, and the IT field, Tim has gained exposure to many different methods and perspectives of working with clients. He believes in a true consultative approach to working with clients, becoming a real business partner and part of your team in helping you to achieve your practice's goals.

Tim is excited to bring these ideas and skills to the dental industry in Central Pennsylvania, where he is from, and where he raises his three children today. He is also enthusiastic about working for an organization that can make such a large impact in many people's lives, by helping to grow local, independent dental practices in the region.

Steven L. Peacock, D.D. S.

Steven L. Peacock, D.D.S.

Director of Special Projects

Phone: 702-538-4633

With more than thirty-eight years chair side, Dr. Peacock is excited to use his experience of operating a large dental practice to help grow and strengthen the Dental Cooperative membership network and programs in Nevada. One of the early Co-Op members nearly 13 years ago, Dr. Peacock has witnessed and been a part of the Co-Op’s growth, development and positive evolution. One thing that has not changed, he adds, however, is the Co-Op’s founding mission and focus of, “Preserving and Empowering the Private Practice of Dentistry”. With increasing numbers and strength of member benefits, the Co-Op has positioned itself for even greater expansion which Dr. Peacock is pleased to add his experience and energy in making this happen.

Dr. Peacock is a “small town boy” from South-Central Utah. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California in 1973, and has practiced in California, Utah and Nevada. His children and grandchildren live in the Northwest. His passions include golf, gardening and the Boy Scouts of America. His latest interest involves motorcycle touring with his wife in the United States, Canada and Mexico, averaging over 15,000 miles yearly. He says, “You can’t get too much of a good thing!”


Aleen Zitting

Aleen Zitting

Executive Administrator

Phone: 801-456-0446

Aleen has lived in Utah most of her life and grew up with a strong work ethic. Throughout her career she has held positions that developed exceptional organizational skill sets. Aleen spent 21 years serving as an Executive Assistant in various industries that include; telecommunications, health and business consulting.

Aleen was hired in March 2014 joining the Dental Cooperative management team in the critical capacity of Executive Administrator. Her primary role is assisting members with insurance credentialing as offices seek higher reimbursements through the Co-Op’s negotiation efforts. Aleen’s outstanding organizational skills and work ethic greatly assists the Co-Op’s team to better serve membership in addition to keeping all administrative functions running smoothly.

Elizabeth Avila

Elizabeth Avila

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 801-456-0446

Elizabeth is currently attending the University of Utah pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Therapy. Before becoming part of the Dental Cooperative team, she worked at the Housing and Residential Education office at the University of Utah. Throughout multiple semesters Elizabeth also work with Commuter Services at the University as part of a rental book program for students.

Elizabeth’s responsibilities as an administrative assistant include processing purchasing agreements, setting up and processing DBP member groups and individual cards. She also helps maintain electronic and hard copy filing along with assisting Aleen in processing of member agreements, marketing service programs, monthly invoicing and some assisting with insurance.

Steve Birk

Steve Birk

Director of Merchant Services

Phone: 801-618-0853

Steve is a native of Iowa. After returning from Vietnam in 1971, Steve returned to Iowa to attend Indian Hills College. Upon graduation, he and his wife moved to Boise Idaho where they still reside along with their 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Steve worked for a healthcare technology company for 20 years serving hospitals, clinics, and dental offices in a four state area. He then went to work in the merchant services industry. He was introduced to the Dental Cooperative team in 2011 while serving as Merchant Services Officer for Home Federal Bank.

In the spring of 2014, Steve was recruited by the Dental Cooperative to offer credit card processing and merchant services as an in-house benefit to members. Steve’s attention to detail and excellent communication skills have been critical in assisting offices to reduce merchant expenses and provide greater flexibility and convenience for patients to pay for dental work.

Kelly Zitting

Kelly Zitting CFP®

HR Advisor

Phone: 801-871-5594

Kelly grew up in Southern Utah on a 2,000-acre farm raising diary feed. After high school and a mission for his church he continued to work on the farm and in agri-business. During this time, he put over 500,000 miles in an 18-wheeler delivering everything from feed for cows to groceries. At 26 Kelly decided to go back to school. At the University of Utah, he double majored in both Accounting and Finance. He interned at Fidelity in the summer of 2000 and was there till 2017. Kelly married in 2003 and has a son. During the next 14 years Kelly and his family lived in Salt Lake City, UT; Seattle; WA; Broomfield, CO (by Denver); and Overland Park, KS.

In Dec 2002 Kelly joined the Army Reserve to serve our great country. Since then he has been deployed twice, first to Kuwait in 2004-05 and second to Iraq in 2008-09. He is currently a Major in the Army Reserve serving as a Finance Officer and Logistician.

In the spring of 2017 Kelly and family decided to move back to Salt Lake City, UT. After 17 years at Fidelity Investments helping clients plan and execute their financial goals, Kelly left to work with the Dental Cooperative. In June of 2017, Kelly was tasked with the responsibility of leading a critical health care feasibility study.  The results of this study will determine whether the Dental Cooperative can offer a true group health insurance plan to Co-Op members and their staff. He looks forward to meeting the members and serving them.