Member Testimonials



Dr. Alicia A. Abeyta (Albuquerque, NM)

The Dental Cooperative is an exciting program for independent dentists and I am excited to be part of this progressive group. My experience has been nothing but positive with the cooperative and as it grows, the benefits of being a member keep expanding. Specifically, I have seen significant savings with purchasing dental supplies. In addition, the Dental Benefit Program is growing in my practice and my team is excited to be able to present to patients a new opportunity to pay for dental care. It is an exciting time in Dentistry!

Dr. Casey Butterfield (Meridian, ID)

I have been practicing dentistry for a decade now. As a small business owner, the Dental Cooperative has allowed me to take more ownership of my overhead and help decrease it. This has been particularly important in this challenging economy. The Co-Op monthly membership fees I pay are returned three fold through negotiated increased insurance fee schedules, supplier purchasing agreements, savings through merchant services and deep discounts with valuable manufacturer and venders. I have no reservations in endorsing the Dental Cooperative and have already referred several of my colleagues. I would recommend that everyone in the dental community seriously look at the Dental Cooperative and see if it can help your business as it has mine.

Dr. David Clegg (Riverton, Utah)

"I have been a Dental Cooperative member since opening my practice three years ago. I've been extremely happy with the benefits and service I have received as a new dentist. The purchasing agreements with manufacturers like P&G and Komet allow me to purchase quality products at prices that only are seen by large corporate practices. In addition, the enhanced fee schedules negotiated by the Co-Op have improved my reimbursement rates with insurance companies significantly. Most importantly, the Co-Op's Dental Benefit Program has helped steer fee for service patients to my office who value an alternative to dental insurance. All these benefits and others are more than enough to keep me a member for life. The Dental Cooperative is the best advocate out there for the solo practitioner.

Dr. Nathan Clem (Albuquerque, NM)

Every patient we have offered or explained the Dental Benefit Program to has been overly grateful, and with that gratitude has come an exorbitant amount of referrals and new patients.

Dr. Plumb (St. George, Utah)

"Working with the Dental Cooperative has been a pleasure. Its representatives are fun and well informed, and the enrollment process was easy and convenient. I am excited about this new relationship!

Dr. Joseph A. Wineman (Henderson, Nevada)

When patients ask members of our office, “What dental insurance plan is the best for me now that I am retired?”......we respond, the Dental Benefit Program!

The DBP offers a simple sign up process for patients who are looking for an alternative to dental insurance. While the DBP does not offer “insurance support”, there are also no limitations to care, waiting periods, premiums, co-pays or deductibles. With the Health Savings Account option, patients can allocate their “premium” dollars into the HSA and then use that money to pay for the services they desire when they want it. Using the DBPs “in-house custom program” for our individual office, we are able to offer a loyalty program to our patients of record. These patients are thankful for the significant savings and convenience it gives them.

Dr. Mark Walker (Albuquerque, NM)

“The Dental Cooperative vision matches what we all have as a vision for independent practice. The changes in dentistry have brought a difficult road for the independence we worked all worked for. With the Cooperative’s assistance, I believe we can be much stronger as individuals “together.” Through the cooperative I have seen a decrease in my expenses, an increase in patient satisfaction, and a great future. I look forward to being a part of a growth of The Dental Cooperative and our ability to maintain our independence as dentists.”

Dr. Gerald Berg (Midvale, Utah)

"I have been a member of the Dental Cooperative since its inception in 1998. There hasn't been one month where my profit sharing check has been lower than my monthly member fee. I've been able to pick and choose the programs that work best for my office and use those to my advantage. I love running my dental office with access to the "Corporate" benefits that the Co-Op has created for me."

Dr. Scott A. Wright (Boise, ID) 

"The Dental Cooperative as it exists in Idaho is a good thing, a very good thing. It will give the average practitioner an opportunity to plumb the resources of others and learn from some of the best in the state. It is a valuable opportunity to learn and understand your practice patterns compared to other practices in a perfectly legal and ethical fashion. Furthermore, it allows employers and patients an avenue to have more efficient use of their health care dollar, thus empowering them and it enhances the doctor patient relationship, thus empowering the dentist. A true win-win compared to what we have been suffering through with the various insurance companies and efforts by certain dental suppliers to put dentists at financial risk. There has to be a move in this state and others to end some of the madness that has been occurring regarding the 'dumbing down' of this fine profession. It will take strong people and dedicated people to help define the Co-Op better and I see that happening in very positive ways. The type of practitioner that is particularly well suited for membership has a long view vision of the world around them and truly wants to make a positive impact."

Dr. Scott Wright's website:

Dr. Dee Dee Mevasin (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Knowing that there are benefits of the Co-Op that we still haven’t taken advantage of yet, I believe our membership is still well worth it. The Dental Cooperative is a great resource to have. Our Co-Op representative is always available to help answer questions on a wide range of issues relative to running a private practice.

We love it when patients come in and ask what dental insurance we recommend. We use this as an opportunity to educate them about the limitations of dental insurance and offer them the Co-Op’s Dental Benefit Program, a fee for service alternative to dental insurance. So far, our patients seem to love it!

Dr. Ben Leaver (Farmington, Utah)

I became a member of the Dental Cooperative about 3 years ago. At first, I was a bit hesitant, wondering what effect membership would have on my practice. I quickly learned that the Cooperative only impacts your practice as YOU see fit. Recent developments in negotiating higher fee schedules for member dentists have completely blown my mind. The Cooperative is at the forefront of an "insurance revolution" in Utah.

As an advocate for my dental practice, the Cooperative is making the biggest impact on insurance reimbursements that I have ever seen. Not only is this important for my own practice, but also for the morale of dentistry in Utah. As providers, we are not "lesser" dentists in Utah. Why have we been willing to accept lower reimbursements than dentists in states that surround Utah? The time for independent dentists to stand up is NOW, and support the Dental Cooperative in this great effort.

Dr. Mark Murdock (Brigham City, Utah)

"One of the primary reasons I joined the Dental Cooperative was to benefit from their purchasing power. They have negotiated rates on my behalf that I would never be in a position to do alone. I receive the benefit of teaming up with my dental colleagues to work directly with major dental distributors, manufacturers and a host of other goods and services."

St. Rose Family and Cosmetic Dentistry (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The Dental Cooperative has done an amazing job at negotiating higher fee schedules with dental insurance carriers on our behalf. As a member we enjoy significant savings with major manufacturers and suppliers such as Komet and Procter and Gamble. that could never be obtained as s solo practitioner. We are very happy with the services provided!

Dr. Darin Hartvigsen (Bountiful, Utah)

Using the Dental Cooperative's Transition Program was a wonderful and impressive process. They were able to sell my existing practice, and transition me into another practice as a new opportunity presented itself. I have simplified my life which my family and I needed. I greatly benefited from the Co-Op's ability to arrange financing and handle all the legalities that goes with buying and selling a dental practice. The Co-Op handled these things fairly and with integrity. That was important to me.

Dr. Mark Callen (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Thank you for your wonderful and much needed help during this transition to retirement. I was not planning to retire for at least 10 years but when a circumstance presented itself four months ago, my wife and I needed to find a dentist to purchase the practice very quickly. Your help was incredible. You helped us find the right dentist to care for our friends. That was the most important thing to us. In addition, your attention to detail was invaluable. It was so nice to leave the financial arrangements, contract matters, lease transfer issues, purchase price negotiations, and the myriad of other details in the Dental Cooperative's capable hands.



We believe that future goals, objectives and dreams are different for everyone. We also believe that how we envision the future is different for the same person at different times. So we believe in flexibility. We are firmly committed to create more, not less, options for our member dentists.