e Dental Cooperative wants to assist our members in buying, leasing, selling and even trading equipment. We have provided programs to accomplish all of these by contracting with manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers, repair and finance companies to obtain the best prices available.

Want to Lease

If you lease any equipment over $2000.00, allow the Co-Op to quote you using the purchasing agreements we have with several lenders. Please contact Andrew Eberhardt at 801-456-0444 with the part number and description.

Want to Sell or Trade

Dental Cooperative members can post used and new equipment for sale or trade. Take a look at the items listed below and contact the poster if interested. 

If you are a Dental Cooperative member and would like to post equipment, download, complete and return the Equipment Posting Form. If you have any questions about posting equipment, contact 702-538-4633. If you have any questions about a specific item that is posted, please contact the posting party listed. 


 EQ1003  Adeck Monitor Mounts (silver)  2  10/13/16  $200 ea.  New mounts.  Paid $500 each.  Asking $200 each.  Kristie
 EQ1004  Belmont Dental Chair - Refurbished  1 10/13/16   $1.000  Model #0375  Dr. Abeyta

 EQ1005  Accutron Nasal Hood  24  10/13/16  $46.50 Nitrous Masks, Medium, Orange, Strawberry, Bubblegum.  Individually Wrapped   Angie 505-830-9081  
 EQ1006  Accutron Nasal Hood  23  10/13/16  $51.98  Nitrous Masks, Large, Mint, Peach, Vanilla.  Individually Wrapped  Angie 505-830-9081  
 EQ1007  Dental Vibe  1  10/13/16  $1000  Purchased  12/12.  Hardly used. Have 100+ single use attachmnts.  Original packaging and manuals.  Amber 208-377-2223  
 EQ1008  Sybron Endo Obturation Unit  1  10/13/16  $1858  Purchased 10/14.  Used 10 times.
Original packaging and manuals.
 Amber 208-377-2223  
 EQ1009  Sybron Endo Elements Motor & Handpiece  1  10/13/16  $1734  Purchased 10/14.  Used 10 times. Original packaging and manuals.  Amber 208-377-2223  
 EQ1010  3M True Definition Scanner  1  11/7/16  $6000  Purchased 11/15 for $17,500.  Comes w/ all accessories.  Used 20 times.  In new condition.  Open system, popular scanner for crowns as well as invisalign.  Dr. Mark Harris  
 EQ1011  Planmeca Pro-One Digital Panoramic Machine  1  11/7/17  $10,000 OBO  This is a Planmeca Pro-One Digital Panoramic x-ray machine. It is in good working order. The only reason I’m Selling it is because I upgraded to a cone beam machine.  Dr Grant Brough
Layton, UT